Shop locally throughout the year

By State Senator Dan Hegeman

The start of the holiday season also signals the beginning of the holiday shopping season. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements, this sale and that sale, and the convenience of shopping online. But there is something much more convenient than the internet, and it is in our own backyard.

We are blessed with many great local retailers here in northwest Missouri. These are our friends, family members and people we know, right here in our own local communities. They have taken the risks of opening businesses and found whatever level of success they currently enjoy. While some people open their laptops or pull out their phones to make a purchase, the rest of us make a short trip to see someone down the street and get individualized and personalized service we cannot find anywhere else.

This concept of shopping locally has been taken a step further by our lieutenant governor, who promotes a program called “Buy Missouri.” This is an economic development initiative that actively promotes the Show-Me State to other states and the world, the products that are grown, manufactured, processed and/or made in Missouri. It is also a great way to see a lot of businesses that exist in our state.

With so many great people and an abundance of buying options, there is no reason to stay at home and let a website take your order, in the hopes they get it right. People feel better knowing their hard-earned dollars are staying in their own community, and will benefit everybody, when they shop locally.

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