The Nodaway County Health Center Board of Directors waived the food establishments permit fees at the July 20 meeting for the upcoming October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2023 year.

The board has waived the fees the immediate past two years also. There are 115 to 120 food establishments in Nodaway County. The health department established fees at the low end of the scale. Annual permit fees are $50 for low priority establishments, $100 for medium priority and $150 for high priority. One person in each establishment is required to have food handler training.

The annual tax hearing was set to 2:30 pm, Wednesday, August 17 with the board meeting to follow. If the paperwork doesn’t arrive from the Nodaway County Clerk in time, another meeting will need to be scheduled.

Deanna Bowers, WIC dietitian, is working with the state office to fill the monthly allotment of Nutramigen formula for six infants. The formula is not in stores and is unavailable to be ordered from pharmacies. She has been able to get bulk formula for the families.

Bowers also is holding a “Kids Eat Right, Parent Empowerment Program” at 10 am for three Thursdays, September 8, September 15 and September 22. The classes are suited for parents with younger children.

The free classes include: eight habits of healthy children and families; cook healthy and smart shopping; and eat right. Registration is required and spots are limited. To register, call Bowers at 660.562.2755 or

Administrator Tom Patterson said the auditor would be at the August 17 board meeting to go over the audit report.

The Missouri Rural Services Workers’ compensation insurance trust premium audit was completed. This year’s adjustment is an additional $754 for the health department to pay. Normally yearly adjustments are around $300. The increase for the 2021-22 year was mainly due to the extra COVID help.

“COVID cases are elevated statewide,” Patterson said. “Many areas are high in transmission rates. Nodaway is moderate as of last date. The general thought is that while case numbers are elevated, the newer variants may be less severe. We should expect to continue to see cases. Current case levels in Nodaway range from one to five per day.”

On the bat which tested positive for rabies, Patterson said, “Rabies can be found naturally in a very small percentage of the bat population and some exposures may be unavoidable unfortunately.”

Patterson is having different drain line traps put on the furnace condensation drains that allow for cleaning. One plugged up in June and leaked into the lower work area.

Internet and phone service has been unreliable at times, probably due to the work on South Main Street. Northwest Cellular loaned the health center a mobile wifi device. Patterson has added it to the cell phone contract at an additional $15 per month.

The building has 100 fluorescent light fixtures. Patterson will look at replacing these with more efficient lighting.

The health department is in “perfect shape to turn the corner on this year,” Patterson said during the financial report showing the first six months of 2022. The health department has received 55 percent of its estimated income at $411,933.81 and has had expenses of $287,766.98 or 39 percent of its estimated yearly expenses.