Mozingo Lake Recreational Park Head Golf Pro Kyle Easter won the Midwest Section of the PGA Youth Player Development Award this fall.

There were 10 others nominated throughout the region which includes Missouri and Kansas, with Easter winning the prestigious award. This is only the second time that anyone north of Kansas City has ever won the honor.

Nominees must be nominated by other PGA members. The board then votes on who has done the most over the year in youth development programs. This year, Easter has greatly increased the youth golf programs at the park as well as initiating a youth PGA golf league. Mozingo had such a high interest in the league, it fully staffed three PGA league teams.

The board also looks at how inclusive the programs are for youth in the way of offering financial scholarships to those who qualify, making golf accessible to a broader range of children.

“It would not have been possible without all the people who volunteer and help with the youth programs. I want to thank Brenda Ricks, Brooke Byland, Michelle Schulte, Bryce Farland, Hunter Hayes, Trey Oglesby, Shane Owens, Trent Stringer, Matt Twaddle, Ryan Heiland and Greg McDanel,” Easter said.

Easter hopes the programs at Mozingo can continue to be an example to the rest of the Midwest.

“The city and Mozingo and the Watson 9 Foundation have invested a lot into youth programming in the last few years. The award is a way to pay it forward for all that investment,” Easter stated.