The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has released the 2015-16 Missouri Assessment Program results for school districts across the state including those in Nodaway County.

The MAP tests are among the measures DESE uses to gauge student progress in Missouri public schools.

The 2016 MAP grade-level exams in English language arts and math were new, so results cannot be compared with results from previous years’ tests, and the scores that define the four levels of achievement – below basic, basic, proficient and advanced – have also changed.

The following results show the percentage of Nodaway County students who scored proficient or advanced:

Jefferson C-123

English language arts: 76.2 percent

Math: 61.9 percent

Science: 77.8 percent

Social Studies: 50.0 percent

Maryville R-II

English language arts: 65.2 percent

Math: 51.5 percent

Science: 51.1 percent

Social Studies: 77.8 percent

Nodaway-Holt R-VII

English language arts: 51.3 percent

Math: 42.1 percent

Science: 38.2 percent

Social Studies: 18.8 percent

North Nodaway R-VI

English language arts: 50.0 percent

Math: 46.0 percent

Science: 30.6 percent

Social Studies: 47.1 percent

Northeast Nodaway R-V

English language arts: 57.5 percent

Math: 43.9 percent

Science: 55.8 percent

Social Studies: 40.0 percent

South Nodaway R-IV

English language arts: 76.5 percent

Math: 72.5 percent

Science: 65.1 percent

Social Studies: 76.9 percent

West Nodaway R-I

English language arts: 48.6 percent

Math: 27.4 percent

Science: 35.9 percent

Social Studies: 36.0 percent