After school cancellations for inclement weather conditions, Nodaway County schools reached the 100th-day milestone in the school year. On February 4, it was Jefferson, Nodaway-Holt, North Nodaway, Northeast Nodaway and St. Gregory Barbarigo School. On February 7, Eugene Field Elementary celebrated. February 10 was the date for South Nodaway and West Nodaway wrapped up on February 12

On February 4, the Nodaway-Holt first-grade class had a day full of activities, including dress-up. They are front: Paisley Allen, Abbi Strauch, Bryant Damewood, Porter Prettyman, Josie Stiens, LeaAnn Swank, Rosie Attebury; back: Calen Throener, Jeffrey Henjes, Talan Patterson, Reese Everhart, Aiden Acklin, Lilly Law, Brooklyn Hurst, Carolyn Owen, Shelby Schafer and Lila Rosenbohm.

Second-grader Ryan Hornbuckle demonstrated math concepts for the February 4, 100th-day of school at North Nodaway. 

On February 4, Jefferson student Trenton Carlson proclaims himself to be “100 days smarter.” The school gathered in the gym to listen to Sue Swinford read “100 Hungry Ants” by Elinor J. Pinczes and to work in groups. 

At Northeast Nodaway, Landen Moore and Jesse Long work on building a structure with 100 marshmallows and pretzels during the February 4 100th-day celebration. 

West Nodaway pre-kindergartners’ proclaimed their future to be bright as they celebrated being 100 days smarter on February 12.

Second graders in Stephanie Scofield’s class at Eugene Field Elementary spent the 100th-day on February 7 by visiting 10 different activity stations revolving around the number 100. Here, Alec Wilson and Silas McKim work on what they will be like at 100-years of age.

South Nodaway second-graders in Stacey Moutray’s class worked on math concepts on February 10. Here, they’re having fun with a counting game. In front are April Wolf, Aiden Holaday, Elayna Wendle, Tara Evans; back: Lexi Wray, Addie Galart, Gage Heinen, Ryder Galart, Lily Hayden and Kyleigh Carney.

St. Gregory School kindergartners created a design with 100 popsicle sticks. They are Jack Osborn, Piper Fillingane, Brielle Budden and Ainslee Myers. The students are wearing 100 Days of Friendship shirts. Students signed their name on each shirt.

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