The Nodaway County Health Board, August 17, set the tax levy for 2023 at 4.95¢ per $100 assessed valuation.

Assessed valuation raised in 2022 to $417,908,772 from $399,126,552 the previous year. The maximum voter authorized levy is 5¢ per $100 assessed valuation. 2023 estimated revenue will be $197,169.

The board gave Administrator Tom Patterson the authority to proceed into correcting the water drainage problem with the building. The building leaks from rainfall runoff when there is heavy rain. In September, adjustments and amendments will be made to the 2022 budget and funds allocated to the repairs.

On the financial report, Patterson said the health center is on track for the rest of the year with income and expenses.

The audit has been completed for 2020 and 2021. Copies were given to the board members for review. The audit said the health center’s primary source of revenue those two years were intergovernmental services, followed by property tax.

Patterson plans to put the mileage reimbursement on the September agenda due to the IRS increase in mileage rates. The health center is currently paying 47.5¢ per mile.

He reported active COVID cases number in the teens. The health center is not doing contact tracing and is focusing on high-risk individuals or situations. Voluntary isolation is recommended. Those who can’t isolate are asked to wear masks.

“If we see a spike in cases over the next couple of months as happened in the last two years,” Patterson said, “we may need to either bring in a helper or screen further for health, age and higher risk situations, relying on public education for many.

“There are no monkeypox cases in our area at this time and Missouri is considered low risk,” he said. “The current case number, in the state, is near 20. Missouri has a limited inventory of vaccines that can be requested for patients meeting exposure and risk criteria.”