The Nodaway News Leader has compiled a list of those individuals serving in each of the 15 townships in Nodaway County. The Nodaway County Clerk’s Office provided the information.

Atchison Township

Trustee: Brandon Doughtery

Board Members: Mike Coleman and Scott Linville

Clerk: Hailey Newton

Grant Township

Trustee: Jim Farnan

Board Members: Gary Dougan and Mike Walker

Clerk: Karen Auten

Green Township

Trustee: Linda Farmer

Board Members: Jeff Cordell and Russell Linville

Clerk: Donna Linville

Hopkins Township

Trustee: Roger Florea

Board Members: Terry Davison and John White

Clerk: appointed

Hughes Township

Trustee: Stan Sportsman

Board Members: Kurby Kenny and Tim Randall

Clerk: Holly Holmes

Independence Township

Trustee: Philip Auffert

Board Members: Jarrold Burns and Randy Smyser

Clerk: Lynette Auffert

Jackson Township

Trustee: Jeff Meyer

Board Members: Cody Schmitz and Jamie Vicker

Clerk: David Primm

Jefferson Township

Trustee: Kody Schieber

Board Members: Richard Fletchall and Marty From

Clerk: Gary Mattson

Lincoln Township

Trustee: Tammy Dye

Board Members: Larry Ecker and Nathan Honan

Clerk: Norma Bragg

Monroe Township

Trustee: Norman Maurer

Board Members: Scott Clement and Clarence McGinnis

Clerk: Carol Strauch

Nodaway Township

Trustee: John Blackford

Board Members: Curt Hagey and Jerry Sloan

Clerk: Jeremy Ingraham

Polk Township

Trustee: John Schenkel

Board Members: Mike Barmann and Jason Hall

Clerk: Lisa Nickerson

Union Township

Trustee: Robert Jobst

Board Members: Robert Hayden and Richard Stringer

Clerk: Donella Jobst

Washington Township

Trustee: Jason Stoll

Board Members: Chris Pedersen and Alan Wiederholt

Clerk: Steve Farnan

White Cloud Township

Trustee: Ben Espey

Board Members: Steve Ginther and Tim Lance

Clerk: Sharon Espey

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