The Clearmont City Council discussed the possible options of the town’s water tower maintenance at the February 19 meeting.

The topic was the costs and services of the work that the water tower will need this budget year. Mayor Byron Clark is going to search out more bids from his contacts noting McGuire Iron has a maintenance program for the water tower. KLM, Lake Elmo, MN, offered a water tower inspection bid of $3,800. Discussion was held about potential increases per water meter to offset these costs. No action was taken.

A budget report given by City Clerk Linda Babcock compared the years of 2016 through 2018 for the general, sewer and water funds. More explanation was given with the water fund projections of revenues and potential expenses.

The water report presented several past due accounts including Rhonda Smith, who had not kept her agreement with payment. Councilman Herb Snodderley spoke about possible collection agencies to contract with for the past due water clients.

With the street maintenance report, it was noted the city will need a notice for mowing bids that would add  around the housing. The council also talked about future street oiling and the product that is on hand. The council directed Babcock to gather bids for the purchase of more oil.

Citizen Patti McElroy posed two questions for Snodderley. She wanted to know who was the DNR contact about her meter. Snodderley recalled the person’s name and noted McElroy had also met with the official. McElroy also said the $25 hook-up charge was approved in October that replaced the $15 past charge. She asked if that ordinance had ever been enforced with any resident other than her. She noted her instance would have been during the $15 time.