The Clearmont City Council met on January 23 to discuss city business.

Last month’s minutes were approved, as well as the bills to be paid for the month.

The Nodaway County Humane Society reported loose dogs in Clearmont, but the dogs were eventually claimed by the owner.

Missouri One Call reported discrepancies in an internal audit and is asking for payment verification for several past services.

Levi Dunbar, a representative with People Service, was in attendance and gave a report. They collected routine bacteria samples from the lagoon for MoDNR, and all samples came back coliform absent.

The city received a quote from G Works Company, Omaha, NE, for the setup and usage of the new water bill software. The council authorized taking the next steps.

The council also approved a motion to schedule a water tower inspection to be completed in the spring or summer of this year.

The initial 2024 proposed budget was presented to the council. There was discussion over including money for road repair, water meter installation and the water tower inspection. The budget approval was tabled to next month.