The Clearmont City Council held their monthly meeting September 17 at the fire station.

The meeting was closed to the public due to coronavirus concerns.

Councilwoman Nell Cowden noted the minutes required a correction concerning the water bills that are outstanding due to a leak. She noted the customer is liable for the average water bill amount plus sewer plus the amount of excess water at the city’s purchase price. It was agreed by council members.

The council decided to pay the vendor bills with the exception of the Alliance statement for a pump rebuild because of questions about the work done. Clarification will be gained before the bill is paid.

The pivot tires have been delivered and it was decided to mount them after the crops are out.

The council members decided to ask the township grader operator to ditch the streets this fall and potholes will be fixed; however oiling may not be done in 2020.

The alley that has been in contention for several months with the decision of it being open, has a fence within the driving path of the alley that needs to be removed. An individual will be contracted to remove the fence at the expense of the property owner.

The council is looking into the progress with the USDA Rural Development grant for a new sign purchase and installation for the community.

Additional parts for the town’s water mains were approved to be purchased soon so the parts will be available should a major water leak appear in the future.