The time to file for candidacy for certain county positions closed March 31.

The 2020 elected jobs that are placed on the August Primary ballot as well as the General Election in November and those who filed follows.

• North Commissioner

Republican candidate: Chris Burns

• South Commissioner

Republican candidates: Frank Myers, Joe Drake, Scott A. Walk, Charles E. Smail

Democrat candidates: David Godsey, Steve Day, Robert D. Lager, Patrick “Pat” Nelson

• Collector Treasurer

Democrat candidate: Marilyn Jenkins

• Sheriff

Republican candidates: Randy Strong, Doug Lager

Democrat candidate: Darren White

• Assessor

Democrat candidate: Rex Wallace

• Public Administrator

Republican candidate: Dee O’Riley

Democrat candidate: Diane Thomsen

• Coroner

Republican candidate: Vince Shelby

• Surveyor

Republican candidate: Adam Teale