The Greater Maryville Chamber of Commerce has set the date for the 2020 General Election Candidates Forum at 7 pm, Tuesday, October 20, at the Lee and Nina Schneider Performing Arts Center in the Maryville High School.

The Chamber of Commerce welcomes each candidate for elected office in Nodaway County to introduce themselves to our voting population, and answer questions that voters pose to them. The Candidate Forum will be a hybrid event with in-person and virtual attendance available.

The Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors strongly encourages individuals to join the event through virtual attendance on the Chamber Facebook page or via Zoom,

If an individual chooses to join the event in person, face covering and social distancing mitigations will be required, as well as a sign in sheet to be signed.

Each candidate will be given time to introduce themselves; following the introductions, media moderators will pose questions to the candidates.  The chamber will also allow pre-submitted audience questions from the in-person and virtual attendees.

“One of the major focuses of the Chamber of Commerce is advocacy.” Gentry Martin, president of the board of directors, said of the Candidate Forum.  “That often means advocating for our businesses to elected officials, but it also means bringing our elected officials to the citizens of Nodaway County. Bridging the gap between elected office and the citizens is important to ensuring they think of our community when they are in the office and know our concerns directly from our community members. The chamber is happy to be the connector in that relationship.”