Tom Patterson, Nodaway County Health Center director, informed the board at its September 20 meeting of a calculation error at the State Auditor’s office resulting in the need to change the 2017 tax levy.

Board members approved the tax rate change of 4.91¢ per $100 valuation, approved in August, to 5¢. With this increase, the health center is estimated to receive $1,105 less in tax revenue than was estimated.

Other items discussed at the meeting included:

The board may re-adopt the 457b retirement fund through Citizens Bank.

Kathryn Hawley, Barnard, has been hired as a part-time nurse and health educator.

Tabitha Frank, RN, gave an update on flu immunizations. The flu vaccine has arrived at the health center and is now available. Frank urges people to get the immunization early as it takes two weeks to take effect. For small children taking the two-dose version, it may take six weeks. The shots are effective for a year.

The board approved the purchase of a ramp, peg board, lights and other equipment needed to make the center’s new shed functional.