The Burlington Jct. City Council discussed multiple cases of water meter vandalism during its regular meeting January 11.

City staff investigated a resident who has lived in town for quite a while without contacting city staff to hook up water. It was determined the water meter had been tampered with. Enough damage was caused to the meter that city staff could not turn the water off.

The meter showed approximately 600 gallons of water had been used without being billed. The line has been dug up and capped off. City staff has notified Nodaway County Prosecuting Attorney Robert Rice and will be pursuing charges for the used water.

Maintenance Supervisor Scott Conn reported there were five water leaks accumulating to around 133,000 gallons of water that the city lost. The biggest leak lost over 100,000 gallons of water, occurring in the basement of an unoccupied residence. The owner of the residence had previously moved and is no longer in town.

There have been several citizen reports of attempted break-ins throughout the community. The Nodaway County Sheriff’s office has been notified.

The city council agreed to place a ballot question on the April ballot to expand the road tax.

The council approved an ordinance outlining water procedures and costs. The ordinance will replace the current six different water ordinances dating from 1957. The main change of the ordinance places the responsibility of paying for water hookups back on the resident and not on the city. The fee for a new water connection will be $400 plus the cost of the water meter and a $50 deposit fee.

Staff also included a section in the same ordinance regarding water meter tampering and vandalism stating that in the event Nodaway County does not prosecute, the city can legally pursue litigation.

A noise ordinance was passed banning all loud noise after 9 pm. Loud noises could include construction, entertainment, music and anything that disturbs neighbors. This stems from complaints of a city resident using a chain saw at late hours. The ordinance does not include agriculture machinery at this time.

The water plant is running well, pH and mineral levels were good and there was no iron, according to Conn.

City staff plans to look into pricing for towing signs to be placed along Main Street in front of the medical clinic.

The city received a good review on its yearly audit.

Darren Mace has been dismissed as a city employee and Skyeler Rohlmeier was hired.

Burlington Jct. City Council regular meetings have been changed to the second Monday of the month.