The Burlington Jct. City Council met on May 9 to discuss city business.

City Manager Jo Anna Marriott gave the financial report, stating that all bank accounts were reconciled for April. The finances and last month’s minutes were approved.

Foreman Hunter Simmons was in attendance to give his report as well. The water treatment plant and sewer lagoon auto dialer are running well at this time. Simmons mentioned that a motor for the well will need to be purchased and the council approved proceeding with that.

Mayor Jim Johansen spoke to the council about purchasing a 40-foot shipping container for storage of tools and pipes. He also mentioned the need for gravel at the water plant. The council approved moving forward with both of those items as well. Johansen also mentioned a draft of the sewer rate increase ordinances, which will be read at the next meeting.

A West Nodaway ag student asked the city if he could use the basketball court for an FFA project, and the council approved his request.

A general discussion was held about the city’s Facebook and website page. The council agreed to keep the pages at their current use, which is allowing citizens to receive immediate information from the city. The council also stressed to citizens that any decision made by the city, is made by the elected board members, and not employees.