Burlington Jct. City Council discussed outsourcing its maintenance personnel during its regular meeting April 10.

Currently, the maintenance department manages itself. There have been concerns and citizen complaints about the lack of small-scale repairs and street maintenance such as pothole patching being done. And concerns about city aldermen supervising relatives that work in maintenance.

There have been multiple late submissions of water and sewer paperwork to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR). As a result, DNR has issued several warnings and fines of $2,000 to the city.

Mayor Justin Plymell stated he believes a third party would provide better supervision and would remove the family connections as a possible issue. He believes a third party would improve the efficiency in water production and improve the city’s communications with DNR.

The city’s tax revenue, water sales and population have been declining. By contracting the labor, the city would save money by not employing a full-time or a part-time employee. Money would also be saved by eliminating equipment purchases and repairs.

“We simply cannot afford maintaining equipment, materials and the labor to run everything,” Plymell stated.

Plymell has been communicating with two companies for the outsourcing, Alliance Water Resources, Columbia, MO, and People Services, Omaha, NE. Both are in the process of drafting contracts to present to the council. Alliance plans to be in attendance at the May meeting where the council will vote on the topic. This will be the third time the council has voted on outsourcing maintenance labor.

In other meeting business, the Burlington Jct. citywide garage sale date was set for May 6.

The following Monday, May 11, will be the citywide cleanup date for general household items. All items must be out at 7 am for pickup. For televisions, computers and florescent light bulbs, residents must call ahead of time at 800.638.8492.

Maintenance staff has ordered asphalt and gravel to begin patching potholes in town. The memorial planter boxes will be placed along Main Street and will be planted with flowers. The sinkhole near the health clinic has been filled and staff has been mowing areas around town.

It was decided to get more estimates on the city’s truck before repairing it.

Jennie Frame will be sent a ticket for a noise complaint regarding her dogs.

Jason Neilson will be sent a letter for dogs at large.

The park money donations made in Brian McPherson’s name have arrived. New swings have arrived along with a teeter-totter. All the current equipment will be sanded and re-stained.

There were several citizens that addressed the council during the meeting.

Karen Renwick approached the city council to discuss her water bill. It was decided that she would pay the bill. She also requested a load of gravel to be laid in front of her house for parking. Staff will do so the next time gravel is ordered and Renwick will pay for the gravel.

Michael Goff had a concern about potholes and water drainage. The city maintenance staff will assess the drainage situation and will patch the potholes.

Martha Greeley inquired about the status of the Purple Heart signage. Plymell has ordered the signs and they will be installed soon.

The May meeting has been moved to May 30.