The Burlington Jct. City Council opened the October 8 meeting with a financial report given by Angie Lightner, city secretary.

Lightner reported $46,000 had been paid for street improvements and there is an upcoming $55,000 water plant payment due this month. Mayor Justin Plymell requested Lightner arrange for Joey McLiney, who is the town’s bonding financial advisor, to come to the next meeting with a possible pathway for the town. Councilmembers spoke of refinancing the debt, water rate increases and the possibility of ending the Alliance contract. The councilmen also discussed the progress of an agreement involving Public Water Supply of Nodaway County that would strengthen the town’s revenues.

Lightner’s report stated six water customers had been shut off due to non-payment. She also told Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments had determined only 15 more sewer grant surveys need to be turned in for the town to meet qualifications for a sewer study and possible grant for improvements.

A new ordinance is being written and submitted to the town’s attorney, Taryn Henry, allowing for an alley to be closed.  The alley is located between US Highway 136 and Third Street, west of Davis.

Lightner had received a request for proposal for the annual audit from Jeremy Clevenger, Chillicothe, who estimated the cost of $8,000 for the first year of a three-year contract. The council approved.

She shared the Children’s Park improvements made before the Farmer’s Fall Festival.

The Alliance representative, Dennis Chitwood, explained the water treatment plant is running well with less chemicals being needed. An autoflusher was installed in the line on the south side of town that showed improvement of the water coloration for those residents. Total water loss was 10 percent due to a service line leak this month. He said the city was planning to flush hydrants within the next week. There were no sewer or lagoon issues. The staff completed ditching on Cleveland Street which showed improvement during a recent hard rain. He reported there were recent improvements on Clarinda Street by a new street-oiling company that is willing to bid next year’s street repairs.

The final business item ended the meeting on a lighter note. The West Nodaway elementary children will be trick-or-treating on the morning of October 31 downtown. Lightner proposed serving doughnuts and juice boxes. The council approved.s

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