Bill Walker called the meeting of the Nodaway County Commission to order at the commissioner’s office. In attendance: Stiens, Burns, Bill Walker and Patton.

Burns made a motion to approve the agenda as presented. The motion passed. Stiens made a motion to approve prior commission minutes dated 3/26/2020. The motion passed.

The following were approved: clerk fee report for March 2020; requisitions: sheriff to Axon Enterprise for taser contracts; road and bridge to Metal Culverts for stock; accounts payable, checks #75977-76018.

The commission reviewed the following information received by mail or email: emails regarding COVID-19 from FEMA, Nodaway County Health and Emergency Manager

SEMA Floodplain Mapping Program newsletter.

The commission held their quarterly officeholder meeting. Present included Prosecuting Attorney Robert Rice, Assessor Rex Wallace, Associate Circuit Judge Doug Thomson, Recorder Lisa Nickerson, Sheriff Randy Strong and Collector/Treasurer Marilyn Jenkins.

Nickerson reported that they are doing marriage licenses curbside and have limited it to Nodaway County residents only to prevent people from travelling to Nodaway County. Nearly all recorded marriage licenses are online now and the are back to the 1960s on deeds for online access. The book repair has mostly been put on hold with the exception of what can be taken out and worked on at a different location.

The prosecuting attorney has been working to implement E-Discovery which will be quicker, more efficient and will reduce costs for many partnering offices as well as the prosecutor’s office. Rice discussed how they have been working with the sheriff’s department and circuit clerk’s office to adapt to the changes due to the COVID-19 mandates.

Strong ran through how his department has adapted to the changes. They have suspended applications for conceal carry at this time. His department is seeing a spike in domestic violence calls. Strong reported that their Facebook page has a link to ask questions and experts will be answering those questions.

Thomson stated that, with the exception of emergency and constitutional hearings, all open court cases are suspended until May 1st by order of the Supreme Court. They have made some changes to court rules to be in compliance and have temporarily suspended processing summons and subpoenas. Thomson reported that the Courthouse doors are locked, but emergency services are still available by calling the circuit clerk’s office. Thomson has been appointed by the governor to the Court of Appeals. He was sworn in on April 1, but has asked to be assigned back to Nodaway County during this time of crisis. The Supreme Court has made this assignment.

Jenkins discussed the high call volume the collector/treasurer’s office has had since the doors have been closed to walk-in public traffic. She discussed the collection of back taxes and the fee system associated with paying electronically. These fees cannot be waived due to statute. Her office is encouraging e-checks instead of credit card payments as the fees are lower. The county’s tax sale will be coming up and Jenkins is looking for ways to work with folks on this sale. Jenkins also talked about new account codes that have been set up in association with potential COVID-19 expenses.

Wallace told the group that the assessment sheets have been coming in at a steady pace. The assessor’s office is currently about three weeks ahead on entering this information. The aerial photography will be completed on Sunday. Wallace stated that his office uses this to look at land, buildings, turbines, etc. to assess for the county.

Patton talked about the April Municipal Election being moved to June 2, 2020 with Governor Parson’s Executive Order 20-03. Absentee voting for this election is still open and can be done via mail or curb-side voting. When the situation warrants, a voter will be brought into the building to vote. Filing for the August General Election has closed. The clerk’s office is waiting for information from the state to include with the local races before sending ballot information in to print.

The commission gave updates on the CDBG Grant bridge #445 in Jackson Township, the softmatch bridges and the FEMA bridge. An update on current county numbers in regards to the COVID-19 were given. The commission discussed that sales tax was likely to be low this year and encouraged office holders to limit spending to what is necessary at this time.

Joining via Zoom video conferencing, Public Administrator Diane Thomsen discussed some of the issues she is having due to COVID-19. Thomsen stated she is not doing any traveling right now. She also stated she has been busy filing 1040s for her clients so they will be able to get the stimulus checks. For most of her clients, she will use the money towards cremation plans.

Strong presented the commission with a public entity that has requested to have a function in their parking lot. A call was made to a representative of the entity explaining the county’s Ordinance 2020-01 and not have the function due to COVID-19. The representative asked for an official letter outlining why the function goes against the ordinance. Rice drafted the letter and presented to the commission for approval. The letter was approved and signed and emailed to the representative.

A resident of White Cloud Township met with the commission to discuss a county-maintained road, Road #1063, that dead-ends at her property. The resident stated that large trucks, 18-wheelers are coming down the road and having to turn around on her drive and are tearing up her property. She requested the county put up a sign to warn drivers. The commission looked at the property and agreed to get a road marker sign as well as a sign to warn that it is not a through street.

Stiens gave an update on a discussion he had with Ryan Choquette, Tenaska- Clear Creek Wind Project, regarding Road #306-307. The radius turns on the intersection of these roads will be put back to its original specs after the wind project is completed.

Burns made a motion to commission adjourn for lunch. The motion passed.
Ed Walker discussed the progress of various county projects. Andy Macias, Snyder & Associates, reported via email that all softmatch bridges have been cleared environmentally.

Schildberg Construction returned their CART rock signed contract.

At 1:15, the commission left to inspect: Road #1063 in White Cloud Township; Road #588 in Polk and White Cloud Township; Road #762 in White Cloud Township.

Stiens made a motion to commission adjourn until 4/7/2020.

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