At the August 10 Nodaway County Ambulance Meeting, the board approved for use of a Paramedic Protocol Provider app at the cost of $750. The board decided to go with the generic version versus a branded one at $2,500. The app will allow employees to have all of their protocols on their phone, versus having to look at them through a book.

Director of Operations Bill Florea presented his report. The sales tax payment for the month was $132,347.96. The new rescue truck has arrived, and is awaiting lettering and radios to be put in. So far the cost is $86,207.68, which includes a rebate of $4,700 from Ford. Florea is looking at getting graphics for the truck from Yellow Frog Graphics, St. Joseph. He estimates the cost will be between $4,000 to $6,000; he will update the board at the next meeting.

All but three LED lights were installed in the training room, and Florea is going to look at getting some in the bay and other areas.

Calls are up almost 18 percent from last year. Many of them are out-of-county or dry runs, so there are no major causes.

The Tri-C Rescue Squad’s automated external defibrillator is not working. It has drained two new batteries and the cost to send in is $500, without a guarantee it can be fixed. Florea went ahead and ordered a new LP-1000 at a cost of $1,831.25. It includes a trade-in and five-year warranty.

Business Manager LaRee Lager presented her report to the board. She is attending an online training seminar on August 30, and she hopes others can watch as well. The difference in the accounts receivable and current difference is $33.45. Lager states that timing issues are the biggest reason for this.

Becky Mercer presented the training managers report. There will be an EMT program in January 2023, but it is a satellite of Northwest Technical School. Mercer would like to start a paramedic program in 2023. There is a cost of $4,500 for a start up letter and review. Mercer will get a budget and report back to the board. Mercer is also looking at two programs, an EMS 1 which is $60 per person, per year, and a Prodigy EMS which is $70 per person, per year. She will provide more information at the next meeting.

The Medicaid/Medicare adjustments were approved at -$10,877.92, and invoices were approved to be sent for collections for $15,057.32.

The board went into closed session to discuss employees.

After the closed session, Mercer crunched some numbers and figured out that the cost per student for a paramedic class will be under $8,000. The board approved the motion to start the class and advertise as necessary.

Employee Rick Maudlin was granted a $500 performance incentive and $740 in longevity pay. Employee Bob Phillips was given a $925 performance incentive and a merit raise of 23¢ per hour.

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