The Nodaway County Ambulance Board voted to increase rates for the upcoming year during its regular meeting December 13.

The base rates for the ambulance have not changed since 2002. The district currently charges less than the amount Medicare will pay for services. The rates were increased to the total that Medicare will pay.

Each trip includes a base rate plus mileage. Mileage charges are $10 for the first 17 miles and $7.29 for any additional miles. The 2018 base rates will be as follows: basic life support emergency trip, $221.50, non-emergency, $354.40; advanced life support emergency, $420.85, non-emergency, $268.80; and advanced life support level two emergency, $609.12.

The Active 911 program is now working for the rescue squads.

There will be an emergency medical responder class offered in January. Northwest Missouri State University will have 15 students and the ambulance district can have up to six.

Two emergency medical responders have not completed their training and will no longer be current beginning in January.

The ambulance remount unit has arrived at the factory and is expected to be back at the ambulance district sometime in February.

The 2018 budget was approved. The total revenue listed is $2,020,000 and the total expenditure is $2,209,135.

The Nodaway Fire Fighters Association requested funds to help purchase an emergency lighting system. The portable lights would help illuminate accident scenes in the dark. The total cost is $5,000. The fire association contributed $2,500, Polk Township donated $200 and the ambulance board agreed to pay the remainder of the cost. The system will be housed at the ambulance district base.

Wages will be discussed at the next meeting on January 10.