The West Nodaway R-I Board of Education met in open and closed sessions on April 11 to handle the following school district business:

During the vote to approve the cooperative sponsorship of high school and junior high school athletics, confusion reigned when only three board members voted for approval. Board President Jason Hull halted the vote so more discussion could be held.

Part of the uncertainty was that several board members thought approval had already been reached. They were unsure about the annual vote and the new MSHSAA deadline of May 1 for cooperative agreements. After the discussion, Hull again called for the vote and the measure passed 7-0.

During the financial update, Superintendent Shannon Nolte stated that the Fund 4 balance was $9,200. Most of this money will be spent on playground equipment and renovations starting in June. Fund 4 monies can only be spent for capital improvements and can not be transferred to other funds.

Principal Holly Brady said discussion was being held on elementary class sizes for the 2018-19 school year. At this point, there is a need for two teachers in both the kindergarten and first grade classes.

The Certified Teachers Association 2018-19 salary proposal was discussed. Four of the five components were approved with the increase in extra duty pay being tabled until the May meeting.

The components approved were:

• The insurance plans premium, with the WN contribution staying the same.

• A salary increase of $750 per year for certified employees, making the base pay $31,000.

• A support staff wage increase of 2.1 percent, which passed 5-2. Board members Ron Hagey and Bryan Beason cast the no votes.

• Authorized an additional fringe benefit; Employees will gain an extra personal day after the sixth year of service. Another personal day will be added during the 11th year of service.

Counselors Lori Snead and Tonya Bell presented information about their roles and division of duties. Currently, Snead works with students in grades kindergarten though fourth and 11 and 12, with 127 students. Bell has grades five to 10, with 95 students.

WN will pay the tuition for juniors to attend Northwest Technical School in 2018-19. Although WN has paid the seniors’ tuition, this will be the first year the school has paid the tuition for juniors.

A 2.1 percent salary increase was approved for the superintendent and two principals.

Nolte, once again, redacted the personnel resignations in one of the two closed session minutes.

Other closed session business included 2018-19 approvals:

• Non-certified employees list as presented.

• Extra duty list as presented.

• The co-op extra duty list.

• Hiring of Jessie Lundy, middle school English; Susan Law, special education; and Kristine Price, K-12 art.

At the end of the meeting, in open session, the old board was dissolved. Board members Billy Koch, Sarah Thompson and Emma Barnett were sworn in. Troy Brady is the new board president. Billy Koch is the new vice-president. The board appointed Cheryl Adkins as board secretary and Bev McGinness as board treasurer.