Missouri Treasurer Vivek Malek visited with Nodaway County officials, bankers and others about the rejuvenation of the MOBUCK$ program, which dates back to Wendell Bailey’s office as treasurer. Malek, who was appointed by Governor Mike Parson last year has worked to allow farmers and small businesses a low interest loan through their local financial institutions. Those attending his presentation were front: David Schmidt, Melinda Patton, Joe Frueh, Malek, Tom Shelton, Chad McCollough; back: Marilyn Jenkins, Bill Walker, Lisa Macali, Randy Luke and Josh McKim. Malek shared there are $8.3 million worth of loans with MOBUCK$ in Nodaway County. He also spoke about the unclaimed property, which his office also administrates. There is $1.6 million of unclaimed property in Nodaway County and he urged citizens to check the showmemoney.com website to search who is listed.

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