The Skidmore City Council approved the city budget, held the tax levy hearing and approved the tax rate for 2017 at its August 23 meeting.

The tax rates are $1 per $100 assessed valuation for the general fund and $1 per $100 assessed valuation for the road and street fund. Estimated revenue from each is $17,844 for a total of $35,688. The assessed 2017 valuation of $1,784,448 is down from the 2016 amount of $1,820,138.

A balanced budget of $203,395 in revenue and $203,395 in expenses was approved for the 2017-18 fiscal year which began July 1.

Andy Macias and Paul Owings, both from Snyder and Associates, and Jackie Spainhower, Northwest Regional Council of Governments, discussed funding options for the proposed sewer project. More research is needed on the best option for the city.

Pay raises were approved for city employees. Councilperson Karen Kepka wanted to go on the record as saying that she objects to the raises, even though she voted to approve. Her reason for the objection is that other government entities are not giving raises.

Marvin Sumy received a 20¢ per-hour raise and Shellie Woods received a 50¢ per-hour raise, their first since 2015. Doris Diggs, treasurer, received a $25 per-month raise and will be paid hourly for her biannual reports. Jennifer Poland, city clerk, received a 25¢ per-hour raise.

In the future, the council voted to review salaries at the June meeting and, if approved, have them implemented July 1.

A motion was made and approved to change the names on a CD at Bank Midwest. The council is hoping the bank will accept “current city clerk” and “current city mayor” instead of having to change the names each time there is an election.

Poland announced that there were no late water or sewer bills for the council to review.

Kepka said she had been approached by a citizen concerned about where money from the street tax goes. The monies are in an ever-increasing fund, allowing for future street improvements.

The city accepted the Newton Hall improvements bid from Jamie Price.

Letters will be sent to seven property owners that have not taken care of weeds. Poland was instructed to double check the owners of these properties.

With recent changes in Missouri law regarding municipal courts, the council approved, after two readings, ordinance 2017-Muncipal Cases, which allows the filing of cases with the Associate Circuit Court of Nodaway County.

Revisions were made to an ordinance concerning the city treasurer and the city procurement policy. Both will be brought up at the September meeting.

The 2017-18 contract with the New Nodaway Humane Society was approved, with the same conditions and costs as the previous year.

The transfer of city wells to their original owners was once again tabled as was the street signs issue.

Two “children at play” signs will be put up after a citizen’s request; the city staff has the signs in stock.

Materials from the old city hall building have not been cleared out. The building has been sold to an adjacent landowner.

The bids for sidewalk replacement at city hall were tabled until the September meeting.