The Pickering City Council met on August 29 in a combination tax levy hearing and September meeting because the normal council meeting would have fallen on Labor Day, Monday, September 4.

The tax levy rate was set at $1 per $100 of assessed valuation for the street fund and 85.4¢ per $100 for the general fund, the same amounts as last year. Assessed valuations for 2017 are $774,855, down from $778,000 in 2016.

On the advice of City Attorney David Baird, the council rescinded ordinance #167-17, which was passed at the August 7 meeting, concerning the authorization of filing of municipal cases.

The revised ordinance #168-17, “Authorizing the Filing of Municipal Cases of the City of Pickering, Missouri, with the Associate Division of the Circuit Court of Nodaway County, Missouri,” was passed.

Added to the original ordinance at the beginning was “Whereas, for a number of years the Associate Division of the Circuit Court of Nodaway County has handled the Pickering municipal ordinance matters by Order of the Honorable Glen A. Dietrich; and,

“Whereas, because of more burdensome rules and regulations applicable to municipal courts, it has become more difficult for any municipality to meet all established statutory regulations and the requirements of the Missouri Supreme Court which apply to municipal courts; and,

“Whereas, the Board of Aldermen of the City of Pickering, Missouri, has determined that it is appropriate that municipal cases continue to be filed with the Associate Division of the Circuit Court of Nodaway County, Missouri.”

City Clerk Milt Sovereign told the council that all sewer customers are current on their accounts.

General discussion was held on dogs, quad runners, fireworks and furniture and appliances left in yards. Several calls have been made to the Nodaway County Sheriff’s Office.

One tube is going to be purchased at $8 per foot and will be picked up by Union Township during a trip to purchase needed tubes. Two ditches need to be cleaned to allow correct water flow. One is located at Sixth Street between Wray and Royal Streets, the other is at the south side of Royal Street by Sixth.

Discussion was held on the Pickering Community Building. Installing down spouts on the front of the building was approved with the city looking into burying the lines to the street. The financials for the building were reviewed.

According to Mayor Charles Smith, Carla Vore is interested in landscaping around the building. Smith plans to donate flower bulbs while Sovereign and Alderman Roberta Boyd will donate iris tubers. Smith plans to keep in touch with Vore on the matter.

Sovereign wants the council to think about what to do with storm debris if another wind or ice storm hits. The last storm cleanup was costly for the city.

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