Towns located in the north and eastern part of Nodaway County, including Maryville, will only see a nearly total eclipse. According to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Maryville will experience a 0.999 percent total eclipse, while Hopkins will experience a 0.993 percent total eclipse.

DNR stated that the partial eclipse for Northwest Missouri would start at 11:40 am with the totality beginning at 1:06 pm.

The following towns in Nodaway County and surrounding areas will see a completely total eclipse:

•Quitman, 32 seconds

•Arkoe, 59 seconds

•Barnard, 1:41 minutes

•Skidmore, 1:29 minutes

•Guilford, 1:30 minutes

•Graham, 1:54 minutes

•Maitland, 1:58 minutes

•Fairfax, 1:48 minutes

•Tarkio, 1:19 minutes

•Bolckow, 1:56 minutes

•Fillmore, 2:23 minutes

•Mound City, 2:20 minutes

•King City, 1:48 minutes