The NOCOMO Industries Board of Directors heard Workshop Manager Nicki Samson discuss what is happening in Missouri’s sheltered workshops at the September 28 meeting.

Samson had received the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education quarterly report on sheltered workshops. In the state, 75 workshops had COVID cases, with seven now experiencing COVID-19 in the second round of the pandemic. There are nine deaths to date in the state. Since April 2020, there have been 16 new managers out of the 80 plus workshops in the state.

Samson said NOCOMO is keeping up with protocols and has no cases but has had employees quarantined. Four certified employees have not taken the vaccine. The mask mandate on the OATS extending through January 2022.

NOCOMO will be receiving an award from Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp. The environmental performance award will be presented to the workshop.

No accidents have occurred. The annual review from SWIM, the workshop insurance, came back at 100 percent.

Samson plans to write grants for one to two forklifts in 2022, with the plan to trade in the current forklifts as part of the match.

NOCOMO has 22 certified employees and four staff members. Not all of the 22 certified employees are working the full 26 hours each week.

Woodshop sales had increased in August due to orders being filled and seasonal demands. July’s total had been $2,943.27, while August’s was $19,597.40.