The Maryville City Council voted to approve the balanced 2019 budget that began October 1 during its meeting September 28 meeting.

The 2019 revenues equal expenditures for a total budget of $27,670,085. The budget also features a two percent cost of living adjustment and a one-step pay scale merit advancement. The raise equals approximately 1.8 to 2.5 percent depending on the employee’s position and placement on the payment scale.

One major goal in the budget is the construction of a new Maryville Public Safety facility with a budget of $4 million.

Other priorities highlighted in the budget are: planning improvements to the South Main Street and Traffic Corridor; strengthen economy by promoting and elevating local tourism assets; redevelop the physical, economic and cultural viability of Downtown Maryville; and maintain and enhance the quality, vitality and attractiveness of the Maryville community.

The budget also features $365,000 for private sewer line projects, $350,000 for east trunk sewer line projects and $250,000 for a South Market Street waterline project in the water and wastewater funds.

Alongside the money set aside for the public safety facility, the capital improvement fund features $561,620 for debt services for Maryville Public Safety; $130,000 for asphalt mill and overlay; and $116,010 for downtown signage and improvements.

The Transient Guest Tax Fund will be highlighted by $150,000 going to the Northwest Hughes Fieldhouse lease and $169,281 designated for contingency.

In the Mozingo Lake Recreation fund, there was $60,000 allotted for marketing and advertising and $50,000 for a maintenance equipment lease.

As for funding requests, the budget allocated: $64,500 to Nodaway County Economic Development, $1,500 to Great Northwest Days at the Capitol, $1,000 to Leadership Maryville, $60,000 to New Nodaway Humane Society, $5,000 to Maryville Public Arts Committee and $500 to Farmers Market.

The budget features no full-time employee additions but does note several regular part-time employees being added to the Mozingo Recreation Fund to assist with conference center events along with additional maintenance and bartending staff.