There are several new and reprinted editions of books, written by local authors, for sale at the Nodaway News Leader office.

The new book by DJ McAllister continues with his escapades of taking an assignment of uncovering and eliminating a group who want to overthrow America. There have been other books from McAllister that speaks to his Army duty, his love life, friendships, rounding up money launderers and counterfeiters; plus fighting a ring of terrorists.

The NNL has acquired reprints of several history books involving Nodaway County events penned by locally known historian Janet Hawley.

Hawley’s writings about tragic murders in Nodaway County give the details of the trials of the convicted individuals.

“The Murder of Dr. Talbot,” selling for $25, gives the court details of the trial of Talbot’s sons and their eventual demise

“The Trials of Hez Rasco” book speaks to the newspaper accounts of the Nodaway County man who stood trial four times for murder and was convicted twice, in 1896 and 1910. The second conviction resulted in Rasco being hung beside the Nodaway County Jail. This book, which includes a surname index costs $30.

Hawley has also penned three books that are directories of the other county murders from 1861 to 1922, each sell for $10. Each book is approximately 115 pages and includes a surname index. To purchase the three volume set will cost $24.

Another book that Hawley put together is the “Life and Death in Nodaway County, 1890-1904.” This 331 page book includes abstracts of births and deaths in the Maryville Republican and the Nodaway Democrat newspaper of that era. It also has a 46-page surname index and is priced at $25.

Another reprint of a history book that is being offered by the NNL, is the centennial edition called “Platte Purchase Paradise,” which recounts the early days of Guilford. The book was originally published to coincide with the 100th birthday of the town in 1987.

The cost for this interesting read of 80 pages is $20 per edition.