The Ministry Center has issued the second annual Corporate Food Fight Challenge to local businesses.

The challenge is ongoing until Thursday, March 15 and is still open for businesses to sign up. Each company conducts a food drive within its organization. To level the playing field, points will be figured on a per-capita basis, so points per employee will be counted. The winner will be the company with the most points per employee.

Points are awarded at one per pound of food or two if the food is taken to The Ministry Center. Five points are awarded for each dollar collected. Food and monetary donations can be dropped at The Ministry Center, 970 South Main Street, Maryville, from 2 to 4 pm, Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Other times are available by appointment by calling 660.562.9423.

Deluxe Corporation was the winner of the 2017 Corporate Food Fight Challenge and the first business to sign up for the 2018 effort. The Ministry Center Board President Jonathan Mitchell said this is a friendly competition between businesses. He is expecting 10 to 12 companies to take part in the drive.

“The positive responses of the businesses is a positive reflection of how this community gathers together and takes care of each other,” Mitchell said. “You expect churches to undertake these endeavors, when businesses step up to the plate, that says a lot.”

The Ministry Center’s main contributors are churches and individuals. After the flurry of giving for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, donations of food and money are at a low point this time of year.

“This is a chance for corporate managers and employees to work together to give back to the community,” Mitchell said. “I’m anticipating a good response and can’t wait to see how it turns out.”

Everything received goes directly back to the community and helps all Nodaway County citizens. Monetary donations allow The Ministry Center to purchase food from the Second Harvest Food Bank at a significant cost savings.

Merlin Atkins is the Corporate Food Fight Challenge coordinator and can be contacted at