The Maryville City Council approved the purchase of a $371,192 Vaccon combination sewer machine from Red Municipal and Industrial Equipment Company, Kansas City during the November 13 meeting.

The sewer and jetting machine came in under the budgeted amount and would allow a two-man crew to handle most jobs on a daily basis. For the past six years, the city has invested $300,000 a year on sewer repairs and the machine has been dropped from the budget to allow for other uses of the funds.

It will be able perform all of the functions that currently take multiple pieces of equipment such as digging around cable lines and vacuuming out sewer lines. Staff plans to keep the current machines to utilize as well. Only staff that is trained on the Vaccon truck will be able to use it. Staff believes the truck should see a life of 20 years.

The council approved the city entered into an agreement with Snyder and Associates, St. Joseph, paying up to $49,500 for engineering services for the sanitary sewer improvement project on the east edge of Maryville. The current 24-inch pipe located on the south side of US Highway 136 and east of Highway the 71 Bypass is inadequate to handle to the flow of water from the city and needs to be enlarged.

There is budgeted a total of $350,000 for this project and construction is expected to begin in the spring.

In order to save funds for other purposes staff proposed leasing an excavator and a tractor instead of purchasing them outright.

The city will be leasing a Takeuchi mini excavator from VLP Holding Company, Inc, Kansas City for three years with annual payments of $21,350.16. After the three years, staff would have the option to purchase it at a reduced price.

They also entered into an agreement with Murphy Tractor and Equipment Company, Kansas City, to lease a 2017 John Deere 544k-II loader for three years with annual payments of $25,027.68. The company will make all needed repairs during the lease. At the end of the lease, the city will be able to purchase the tractor for a reduced price or return it for a new model and a new lease.

A 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 4×4 quad cab truck was purchased for $13,500 from Championship Motors, Maryville. The truck will be used for the cemetery maintenance division.

An ordinance executing a contract purchasing 1.8 acres from the Maryville School District for $157,500, located at the northeast corner of East First Street and North Vine for the construction of the new Maryville Public Safety Facility was approved.

JD Bishop Construction, LLC, , was awarded the concrete contract for 3,089 square feet of exterior concrete on the lower level of the Mozingo Conference Center and 275 linear feet of curb for $26,266. The council approved up to $30,000 in order for the company to complete other projects once on site.

The council purchased $76,163 worth of audio visual equipment for the Mozingo Conference Center from Northwest Audio Visual, Maryville.

Ethan Catron was appointed to the Maryville Public Art Committee to replace Joyce Cronin, who moved outside of the city limits.

DS Painting, Maryville,was awarded the contract for  $35,907 to finish the painting at the Mozingo Conference Center. This painting  would be over budget by almost $20,000. Staff recommended taking the funds from the Mozingo merchandise funds to cover the painting expense. Due to the golf course being closed, the golf pro shop as not been selling as much merchandise making a reduction in the merchandise fund possible.

The council approved a planned unit development eight-plex to be built by Bruce Judd, Maryville, at 422 North Fillmore Street. The new structure will include a parking lot with 10 spaces as well as partially paving the alleyway to allow for access to the parking lot.

An ordinance amending sections of the the Municipal Code’s discharge of industrial waste was approved to stay in compliance.

The council renewed their membership with the Northwest Regional Council of Governments for $4,190.20 a year, which is based on 35¢ per person of the city’s population. The members helps them with technical assistance, grant coordination and data mining, among other aspects.

City Manager Greg McDanel noted there have been citizen concerns about the street light LED replacements creating dark spots. Concerned citizens can call city hall and request staff to evaluate using different lighting in the area of concern.