The Maryville City Council approved an ordinance on June 27 that will allow local fireworks stands to continue business as usual.

During its regular meeting, the council approved an ordinance reducing the distance the city requires fireworks stands to be from fuel sources, schools or healthcare facilities. Previous ordinances stated fireworks stands must be a minimum of 500 feet from these entities. The revised ordinance would lower that number to 50 feet minimum, bringing the distance in line with state regulations. Fireworks stands this year, with permission of the city, have already been set at a minimum of 50 feet with an understanding that if this ordinance did not pass at the June 27 meeting, the businesses would be required to move.

In other fireworks related news, the annual fireworks display at Mozingo has been approved as well as a plan for a focus on a weekend event in 2019 in order to help boost attendance.

Liquor licenses have been approved for all businesses that applied for a license. Notably, The Palms has not applied for a renewal of its liquor license due to it being closed presently.

With the exception of Burny’s, which is on track for an increase in number of incidents for the second year in a row, violations at local bars are on pace to decline for the second-straight year since a five-year peak in 2016. Many incidents noted were reported by the businesses themselves as encouraged by local authorities and the city council.

The city council approved the reappointments of Jenny Rytting, Keely Cline and Giuli Coniglio to the Maryville Public Library Board of Trustees. Each will serve three-year terms on the board beginning July 1.

A request from Beemer’s Muffler Center LLC for a car and truck show has been approved. The event is scheduled for 8:30 am to 4 pm, Saturday, July 28. During the event, the 100 block of South Alvin Street will be closed to traffic. Proceeds from the event will be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nodaway County.

The city council, in conjunction with the US House of Representatives, has designated July as Parks and Recreation Month and a proclamation was delivered by Mayor Rachael Martin.

The annexation of property owned by various entities was approved by the council. A section of South Depot Street, Icon Road and Leigh Wilson Road, including portions of the road known as Jet Road, along with various individual properties located just outside city limits, are among the areas annexed by Maryville from Nodaway County. Part of these annexations were to help unify the previously inconsistent city limits. Property located in the town’s southeast side owned by The Vinardi Trust and zoned for agriculture has been annexed also.

The council also approved the Nodaway County Hazard Mitigation Plan, the city clerk’s certification of records destroyed, a resolution to participate in Missouri Back-to-School Tax Holiday August 3-5 and an ordinance to work with Northwest Missouri State University’s Knactive.