Presiding Commissioner Bill Walker called the meeting of the Nodaway County Commission to order 3 at the Commissioner’s Office. In attendance: Walker, Scott Walk, associate commissioner and Melinda Patton, county clerk.

Walk made a motion to approve the agenda as presented. The motion passed. Walk made a motion to approve prior commission minutes dated 12/29/22. The motion passed.

Approved: Indigent burial request to Bram Funeral Home; County Road Construction Procedure form for new construction/reconstruction of CART roads.

Public comment: None. Accounts payable: No checks. Requisitions: None.

Deputy appointments for Christie Swinford, Jessica Whaley, Shirley Schmidt, Angie Cordell and Madison Lesher were approved by the commission.

A landowner stopped in to inquire on the abandonment of a portion of County Road 234, starting .20 of a mile North of County Road 233, also known as Panther Road and abandoned completely to the north end of Section 8 and 9, Township 65 North, Range 33 West, Nodaway County. Also present: Brian Engle, road and bridge supervisor.

Andy Macias, Snyder and Associates, met with the commissioners and Engle regarding 2023-24 bridge status. A survey is being done today on Bridge #805 and all should be able to be put out to bid by the end of January or first part of February.

Reviewed a verbal quote from Bill Driskell for the ceiling work at the prosecuting attorney’s office in the Courthouse. Also worked on the outlet in the county clerk’s office.

Walk made a motion to adjourn for lunch. All in favor.

A resident of Polk Township called regarding a zoning issue. Resident was referred to Eric Couts, Polk Township Zoning and Planning.

Sheriff Randy Strong and Major Scott Wedlock stopped in to set up a time to come discuss budget requests for FY2023.

Walk made a motion to adjourn until 1/5/2023.