On August 22, the Hopkins City Council set the tax levy rate at $1.95 per $100 assessed valuation.

This includes 50¢ for the general fund with an additional 20¢ in temporary, 25¢ for the light fund and 25¢ for the street fund with an additional 75¢ as temporary. This gives projected tax revenues of $24,193.72 in general, $8,640.62 in light and $34,562.46 in street for a total of $67,396.80.

A bid from Mid-America Road Builders, Platte City, was accepted for $50,274.54 for the 2017 street project. In the absence of Mayor Kelly Morrison, Board President Brandon Kreps was authorized to sign the bid for the city. Three loads of rock will be spread in the Hopkins City Park parking lot.

Edward Hensley was hired for the part-time maintenance position.

No action was taken on replacing a pick-up. The water ground-storage tanks will be inspected by Maguire Iron, Inc., Sioux Falls, SD, as per the city contract.