The Hopkins City Council briefly reviewed the city’s future needs at the February 4 meeting.

Mayor Kelly Morrison said improvements to the water and sewer mains are needed. Currently on water, the city must shut down the entire city to repair water main breaks. Morrison said the city should look at a three-to-five year commitment to install shutoffs to allow only portions of the city to lose water during repairs. New fire hydrants are also needed, along with sewer work.

The council voted to allow Morrison and Alderman Brandon Kreps to watch for a replacement of the second city pickup. The aldermen approved a purchase if the cost could be kept under $20,000. The money will come from the street fund.

The decision to apply for free historic flooding signs was again tabled as well as the discussion on the dog complaints.

City Clerk Dee O’Riley has received calls on the increase in water and sewer rates, which was reflected in the January billing.

The next Hopkins City Council meeting has been moved to 7 pm, Monday, March 11 at city hall.