The Nodaway County Health Center Board of Trustees met August 16 to conduct the tax levy rate and other business for the center.

The 2022 total assessed valuations for the county was $417,908,772; for 2023 it has raised to $433,451,095 including $4,706,663 in new construction and improvements.

The maximum voter authorized levy is 5¢ per $100 assessed valuation. The 2022 tax rate was 4.95¢ per $100 and will remain at 4.95¢ per $100 assessed valuation for 2023. This was approved by the board.

Administrator Tom Patterson has billed ELC Cares/Ed for the new van, insurance and registration for reimbursement. The federal grant Epidemiology Laboratory C Enhanced Detection supports prevention, reporting and case work.

The net income for the health center is “ahead for this time of year” at $44,235.61, Patterson said.

Jack Hunsucker, environmental public health specialist and PHEP planner commentary, is trying to go digital as the state is pushing for digital.

When asked why the health center had Mobilpage, Inc. answering service, Patterson said, “one of our core responsibilities is to be available 24-hours a day. For emergencies, the service calls us and just regular calls, they email us.”

In Tabitha Frank’s communicable disease report there were 24 cases of COVID reported in July.

Hunsucker did no full inspections at the Nodaway County Fair. He just visited each stand and ensured the basics were met, such as hand washing and temperature control. He left literature as needed.

Patterson said it was time to look for the next auditor. The audit is due in 2024. This will allow the health center to lock in the price of the audit.

The new van needs to have lettering put on the sides. He also needs to figure out the fuel situation. He is going to apply for the MFA Petro24 card. There are no fees or interest and the amount due is paid when billed. There are fuel stations all over the state. The health center can purchase fuel at a locked-in price. Patterson will bring the subject up at the end of the year.

Patterson will look at banking service bids. This is something that should be done every four-to-five years.

The health center is conducting school vaccination clinics and is preparing for flu season and will share clinic schedules for fall. There have been some animal bites and specimens submitted for rabies testing which is normal for summer.

The health center has had money in CDs and will look at considering CDs for extra funds. Patterson will contact banks on current rates.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Patterson and board members Marlin Kinman, Bridget Kenny, Mike Rosenbohm and Charlotte Knorr toured and examined the south side of the building. Large rainfalls cause water to run into the building. Patterson has been working on stopping this but has had problems getting contractors to undertake. Also each contractor has had different ideas on how to solve it.

Patterson is looking for state help with the program and to make the renovation larger to make it more attractive for a contractor to undertake.