The 2023 Graham Street Fair had a variety of competitions.

The following list is the winners of several of the events.

Who is it? Cover guess game: winner, Howard Acklin. Individuals were first, Doug Brinson; second, Max Drydale; third, Wanda Brinson; fourth, Gayle Bond. Bonus answer: Fortune & 390th.

Raffle winners: gun, Cody Shewey; gold, Steve Lawson; quilt, Kylie Rosenbohm; fire pit, Gayle Bond; Ninja cooker, Robin Clarey.

Little Miss Graham: Jayne Holmes, daughter of Jarod and Holly Holmes. Little Mr. Graham: Kyson Barr, son of Lisa Lance and Tanner Barr.

Junior Miss Princesses: 5-6 age group, Kyleigh Nastasio, daughter of Katie Murphy and Jacob Nastasio; 7-8 age group, Samantha Brown, daughter of Michael and Janah Brown; 9-10 age group, Brooklyn Hurst, daughter of Lisa Lance and Tanner Barr; 11-12 age group, Lila Rosenbohm, daughter of Matt and Kylie Rosenbohm.

Parade winners: Organization, group or business), first, Goff Grocery; second, Nodaway Nursing Home; third, Archery Farms. Most humorous, Archery Farms. Most unusual, Jim Galbreath, 1949 Mayrath.

Bath tub race winners: Amanda and Patrick O’Riley, Luke and Clint Coffelt and Josh Schafer, 18.1 seconds

Blind leading the blind winners: under 40,  Clint and Luke Coffelt; over 40, Richard Christian and Melanie Ashford.

Truck show winners: Best of Show, Roberts Bros. 2017 Peterbilt, driven by Trent Lett; Peoples Choice, Heitman trucking, 2007 Peterbilt, driven by Brody Heitman; 87 and older, first, Leseberg Farms, 1979 Peterbilt, driven by James Barnhart; second, Hawkins Farms, 1983 Kenworth, driven by Ben Hawkins; 88 to 99 class, first, KAM Farms, 1991 Peterbilt, driven by John Rauch; second, Jordan Sutter, 1999 Peterbilt, driven by Jordan Sutter; 2000 to 2005 class, first, Kier Farms, 2005 Peterbilt, driven by Alex Kier; second, RFT, 2001 Kenworth, driven by Baylor; 2006 to 2012, first, David Palmer Trucking, 2012 Peterbilt,driven by Brandon Palmer; second and light show winner, KAM Farms, 2007 Peterbilt, driven by Kipp Meadows; 2013 to 2016, first, David Palmer Trucking, 2014 Peterbilt,  driven by Nathan Palmer; 2017 to New, first, Orange Crush, 2018 Peterbilt, driven by Jeff Bridgman; second, Allstar, 2024 Peterbilt, driven by Robby; In Memory of Dick Dunn, 1959 A-model Kenworth, driven by Gus Coffelt.

Tractor Show winners, most outstanding farm equipment, 1939 B John Deere, driven by James Ungles; Out of field, first,1973 Allis Chalmers 180, driven by Jerrett Holmes; second, 1952 John Deere A, driven by Jathan Ungles; third, 1973 Allis Chalmers 170, Jerrett Holmes owner;  Lawn and garden, first, 1949 Mayrath Garden Deluxe and standard, driven by Jim Galbreath; Ford class, first, 1968 5000 High Crop, driven by Owen Lassen, Case-International class, first and Best in Show, 1959 Farmall 560 Diesel, driven by Grant Lassen; second, 1965 706 Diesel, owned by Lloyd Nelson; third, 1991 7110, owned by Howard Acklin; Miscellaneous, first, 1968 Oliver 1850 , owned by Lloyd Nelson; second, 1965 Oliver 1650, owned by Lloyd Nelson;, Allis Chalmers, first, 1967 D17 series 4, owned by Jacob Holmes; second, 1950 G- owned by Lloyd Nelson; John Deere, first, 1963 3010, owned by Tim Randall; second, 1958 620, owned by Bill Ungles; third, 1971 4020- owned by Tim Randall.