In July, the City of Elmo was awarded a $400,000 grant through the Missouri Department of Economic Development Community Development Block Grant Program and a grant from Missouri Department of Natural Resources for $100,000.

The legged steel elevated water storage tank has deteriorated from use and weather exposure and is needing repairs to both the exterior and interior to meet MoDNR safety guidelines.

The city’s water tower was originally constructed in 1914. In 1964, the water tower was purchased by a community in Wisconsin’s city council. The tower was deconstructed, transported by rail and truck before being reconstructed in its current location as part of the city’s first water system. The water system served its first customer in June 1965.

This project aims to rehabilitate and repair the water tower for Elmo to reduce the costly repairs. The interior and exterior improvements should reduce the health and safety risks the city’s residents are currently facing. The city’s engineer, Snyder & Associates, prepared a preliminary engineering report to use to apply for funding to assist the city with the needed repairs to the water tower.

Now that the project is funded, the engineers will begin the design phase of the tower and anticipate the repairs to begin next spring. The city leadership has hired Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments as their grant administrator.