Nodaway County elected officials held their quarterly officeholder meeting on April 5.

Nodaway County Sheriff Randy Strong updated the group on the data from his first full year in office. He reported his office had seen the following:

•Homicides: 0

•Rapes: 1

•Robberies: 0

•Assaults: 41, with 29 arrests

•Burglaries: 18, with 4 arrests

•Larcenies: 44, with 8 arrests

•Motor vehicle thefts: 8

•Drug investigation arrests: 43

•Child abuse hotlines: 31

•Death investigations: 11

•Mental health: 35

•Domestic violence: 23

•Fraud: 19

The sheriff also reported that staff were researching new vendors for the inmate commissary provisions and a new security camera system as the current one had shut down twice in the previous week. The jail received updates to its showers and fixtures as well as a new dishwasher.

The department has two new Ford interceptors in service, with a third one to arrive in May.

Strong has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Federal Task Force Nitro and the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office along with other county sheriffs to work together on illegal drug trade investigations.

Nodaway County Assessor Rex Wallace said everything was going well in his office and asked the commissioners about the leak in the building. They have yet to find the source.

Elaine Wilson, Nodaway County circuit clerk, reported her office had been short a clerk for several weeks and has been keeping up with the pace due to the hard work of her employees.

Sandra Smail, Nodaway County recorder of deeds, is looking for bids to digitize more files to be uploaded to the online search database.

Marilyn Jenkins, Nodaway County treasurer, stated her office is working to collect delinquent taxes and that there were quite a few. Her office is also adjusting to the new computer program.

Diane Thomsen, Nodaway County public administrator, reported that in addition to the sheriff’s office, she also has seen an increase in mental health cases. She has been reevaluating facilities and care; resulting in moving people to “more appropriate settings.”

Circuit Court Judge Roger Prokes expressed his appreciation for the County Government Day event as well as the sheriff department’s efforts to increase court security.

Melinda Patton, Nodaway County clerk, reported she felt her first election went well.

Bob Stiens, Nodaway County associate commissioner, reported Patton was doing a good job. The road and bridge crew has started its first bridge project of the year. There are six bridges on the list, none of which are federal.

Chris Burns, Nodaway County associate commissioner, said the joint 911 emergency dispatch meeting went well and is looking forward to the draft report in June. He reported that the commission will be cleaning and repairing the courthouse sandstone.

Nodaway County Presiding Commissioner Bill Walker noted the employee environment is good and things are running smoothly. KCP&L will be coming to complete an energy audit to see if the county can save any money. They are also looking into updating the phone system at the Administration Center.

No other officeholders were present.