A computing error on the state-assessed railroad and utility levy by county staff resulted in a tax miscalculation that affected all area schools.

The capital projects levy for two school districts, Maryville R-II and Northeast Nodaway R-V, was not entered into the software program that calculates the distribution of tax money to the school districts. According to Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education apportionment guidelines, the capital projects levy has the most impact on the funds each school receives, causing there to be discrepancies.

Maryville R-II and Northeast Nodaway R-V did not receive as much money as they should have because their capital projects levy was not entered into the equation.

The rest of the area schools, West Nodaway R-I, South Nodaway R-IV, North Nodaway R-VI, Nodaway-Holt R-VII, Jefferson C-123, Stanberry R-II and Worth County R-III, received more money than they should have. Upon learning of the error, they reimbursed the money back so it could go to the correct schools.

The money each school district receives is based on where the students who attend the school reside. Stanberry and Worth County schools are included due to students that live in those school districts and in Nodaway County.

County and school staff caught the error quickly and have been working diligently through January to get the issue fixed and have successfully corrected the allotted money amounts ensuring that each school now has the correct amount.

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