After a public hearing on January 27, the Nodaway County Commission approved the 2017 budget that, due to the costs, did not include the funds requested by Nodaway County Sheriff Randy Strong for the contracted correctional healthcare.

The commissioners budgeted $15,000 for inmate health-related expenses for the upcoming year. Last year, there was no budgeted amount for inmate medical care.

The overall county budget decreased approximately $2 million due to the completion of three BRO bridge projects that included federal dollars in 2016.

General revenue for the upcoming year is estimated to be $4.195 million and the Road and Bridge Department budget is $3.6 million. Other budgets by department include the assessor’s office, $553,316; the 911 emergency dispatching department, $157,670; the administration center, $558,150; and the road and bridge special gravel sales tax, $1.004 million; for a total of $10,068,136.

All county staff saw a two percent pay increase for 2017. Salaries for elected county officials are: the three commissioners combined, $126,200; county clerk, $62,475; treasurer, $62,475; recorder of deeds, $62,475; public administrator, $48,630; sheriff, $70,360; prosecuting attorney, $133,716; coroner, $21,080; and assessor, $62,475.


The county’s funds support several general public welfare agencies including Nodaway County Economic Development, $40,000; Nodaway County Soil and Water Conservation, $19,000; Nodaway County Extension Council, $40,000; Northwest Regional Council of Governments, $3,000; Northwest Missouri Children’s Advocacy, $2,500; Children and Family Services, $2,500; Big Brothers Big Sisters, $2,000; The Ministry Center, $2,500; and Maryville Chamber of Commerce, $1,000.

The sandstone on the courthouse steps and columns is in disrepair. The budget has allotted $200,000 for courthouse repairs.

This year, the Nodaway County Sheriff’s Department’s budget increased by close to $70,000. Part of the increase includes $10,000 for new weapons. Currently, the weapons within the department consist of different calibers. The guns will be traded in to purchase all new weapons of the same caliber. The sheriff’s office will also purchase new bulletproof vests for $3,000. The department also has budgeted close to $32,000 for reserve officers and the K9 drug dog budget doubled from $10,000 in 2016 to $20,000 for 2017.

The Road and Bridge Department has one streambank stabilization project planned for the Clearmont area.


In 2016, the county budgeted $157,670 for the 911 telephone tax and received $183,348.37. This year, $187,760 was budgeted to be received.

Last year’s 12¢ property tax generated $715,262.59. This year’s tax rate is the same with an estimated revenue amount of $717,440.

The 2016 sales tax revenue generated $3,409,148. This year’s sales tax collection is estimated to generate $3,443,823.

The Road and Bridge Department has one BRO project on Jenkins Creek at 365th Street and Galaxy Road scheduled for 2017. The project is estimated to cost $700,000 and it is expected to receive full funding from the government.