CourthouseThe Nodaway County commissioners approved the spring 2017 opening of a permanent hazardous waste center.

The center will serve five counties and be located at the Nodaway County road and bridge maintenance yard, 1516 East Halsey, Maryville.

The commissioners were approached by Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Government’s Community and Environmental Planner, Linda Laderoute, to address the need for a waste collection center. The commission approved the center on February 17.

Currently, the five-county region contracts with a Lee’s Summit waste removal company that picks up waste twice a year. However, the company is no longer accepting out-of-district contributions, making the need for a permanent center a priority.

The solid waste board awards $45,000 in grants each year for waste diversion and recycling projects. Laderoute applied for a grant and the county commission office was awarded $15,340 for their $18,000 project. Laderoute plans to apply for additional grants to cover operation costs.

“I am pleased that the commissioners were willing to step out of their comfort zone and step forward to serve the whole region. I have much respect and admiration for their decision,” said Laderoute.

The hazardous waste center will be a metal storage pod on a concrete pad. The pod will have doors opening at both ends to allow for light and ventilation while employees work inside. It will be equipped with an eye wash station, spill kits and other safety equipment. There will be security cameras installed to ensure no trash or chemicals are left by citizens after hours. The commissioner’s office will accept concrete bids soon.

“We are glad to be able to offer this,” said Bob Stiens, commissioner.

All waste center employees will complete hazardous materials training. The preliminary goal is to have two county road and bridge workers and a city employee Hazwoper certified by OSHA.

Hours of operation will be announced. Because chemicals may freeze, the center will not be open during the winter.

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