The Clearmont City Council addressed the town’s business at their October 23 meeting, which was rescheduled after there could not be a quorum attained on October 16.

Citizens Mike and Rhonda Farnan requested the street that previously went to Clearmont Elementary School be closed so they could turn it into a driveway. A fire hydrant and rural water hookup on the east end would need to be moved. Ron Carroll thanked Councilman Herb Snodderley and Mayor Byron Clark for assisting with a water issue.

City employee Kristy Snodderley provided the water report noting 267,200 gallons were used with 104 meters being read and 90 receiving statements.

Utility Services is scheduled to attend next month’s meeting to present a report on the water tower cleaning and a water tower maintenance proposal.

Councilwoman Nell Cowden prepared a document which clearly states Clearmont’s water bill policies and procedures. She will make adjustments and present it at the next meeting.   

Council directed Linda Babcock, city clerk, to research other town’s water billing systems to see if other systems would be better.

Councilmen Snodderley and Bill Harris were appointed as the designated street committee.

All three checkbook balances were verified with the bank statements.

The next city council meeting will be at 7 pm, Monday, November 19.