At the July 18 Clearmont City Council meeting, it was approved to order 87 water meters from Metron-Farnier, Boulder, CO, for a price of $400 per meter.
A teleconference was convened with Tim Jackson, a representative from Metron-Farnier, to discuss the implementation of new water meters. The $400 cost per unit includes the meter body, electronics, connector cable, a 10-year data integration package, training, access to a web portal and a 10-year warranty. The new meters will be compatible with the current RVS water bill system. Mayor Byron Clark will check with Public Water Supply of Nodaway County to see what system they currently use.

Herb Snodderley, councilman, presented a series of meter loops to the council, and elaborated on their integration with the new meters. After doing an inventory of the city’s supplies, he revealed a count of 23 new loops. He stated that not all meters would need the new loops, and they could assess the number needed in the future.

Drake Johnson from PeopleService, Omaha, NE, was in attendance and reported that routine bacteria samples were collected for MoDNR. All samples came back coliform absent. Monthly maintenance was performed on the lagoon, and discharge monitoring reports were sent to MoDNR.

Brenda Snodderley, councilwoman, told the post office of a concern regarding the non-delivery of certain water bills, alongside instances of bills arriving in bent or damaged condition. The post office recommended using sturdier paper stock for the water bill statements to prevent future issues.

Cold asphalt mix was approved to be ordered for street repair, and Clark will pick up six tons of cold mix from Keller Construction, St. Joseph.

Pothole repair has been completed, and street oiling is scheduled for the end of the month. Notices will be posted for residents to remove cars from the streets. The volunteer crew will oil as many streets as possible with the materials already available.