Working with the City of Maryville and Nodaway County commissioners, the Greater Maryville Chamber of Commerce announces a week in celebration of direct care workers who have fought valiantly on the frontlines of the novel coronavirus pandemic that has affected the city, county, state and nation the past two years.

The Chamber will host a public reading of the joint city and county proclamation at 10 am, Monday, February 28, declaring Direct Care Worker Appreciation Week from February 28 through March 6. The Nodaway County Commissioners, along with Mayor Benjamin Lipiec, will read the proclamation on the courthouse steps. In case of bad weather, the reading will take place inside the Nodaway County Administration Center.

Direct care workers such as doctors, nurses, public health workers, long-term care providers, group home and independent supported living staff, personal assistants, hospital workers, respiratory therapists, technicians, laboratory scientists, transporters, EMTs, pharmacists and supporting staff have cared for the most vulnerable populations in emergency, in-patient and in-home care; and have put themselves in the path of this virus in Maryville, Nodaway County and around the country during this unprecedented crisis.

“The chamber, our city and county are grateful for the sacrifices our direct care workers make every day, and especially through this pandemic. The dedication, commitment and courage of all healthcare workers deserve our deepest gratitude and admiration. Recognizing this in a big way and including all direct care workers was important to me,”said Amy Gessert, Maryville Chamber of Commerce executive director.

The chamber also encouraged local businesses to offer sales geared towards direct care workers, organizations to celebrate the direct care workers they employ and the community to thank direct care workers whenever possible.