The Burlington Jct. City Council developed a financial calendar for the leadership to understand when certain bond payments will be due in 2020-21 at the August 11 meeting.

City Clerk Angie Lightner and Mayor Dean Kelly presented the payment schedule to an appreciative council. At the end of August, a $4,200 payment for the interconnection debt will be paid. The finances are in line for that payment to be made. Lightner noted the July statement saw an increase of $20,000.

Several citizens were in the gallery with most addressing the council about specific topics.

Kristy Grimm presented a proposed agenda for the Fall Festival September 19 along with details needed for the city to provide.

City of Craig Alderman Bill Hale, along with Diana Jones, surprised the council by informing them he returned property that belonged to the city of Burlington Jct., which Alliance had left in Craig. Plus he asked when the BJ staff attends water plant training, he would like the two towns to cooperate on travel to save dollars. The council agreed. He requested to be on the next meeting’s agenda.

Citizens to be heard included Kyle and Liz Hunt who brought concerns of extra growth of trees and shrubs along roadways that need to be cut as they are obstructing traffic view.

Stephanie Marsh requested information on the leadership of the Ohio Cemetery as some trees and shrubs are overgrown, also.

Stephanie Ross, representing Midwest Assistance Program, was at the meeting, however she did not address the council directly.

Lightner presented correspondence including a letter from the attorney representing Public Water Supply District No. 1 writing the past contract is cancelled as of June 20.

Maintenance Foreman Scott Conn reported he will recommend new costs connected to new sewer taps and charges to the council via emails later this week.

The council gave the final review of the changes to Employee Policy Manual changes and they were approved.

Kelly reported there has been contact with the solar panel needing to be repaired at the water plant. Negotiations will be made with the lease to be finalized by August 14 to be repaired or payment may be decreased.

The tax levy was set at $1 for general purposes, $1.0176, street maintenance and debt service 47.72¢ for a total of $2.4948 per $100 assessed valuation.

The Nodaway Humane Society’s contract for coming year at a rate of $20 for the random monthly trip to pick up any loose dogs was approved.

Under general discussion, Councilman Brian Hunt spoke about derelict vehicles along the side of the streets throughout town and the council agreed to begin sending out nuisance letters again for several residences. Hunt noted if the property owner is paying city taxes then it should be treated as a lawn not a hayfield.