The Nodaway County Ambulance District Board met February 8, and discussed employee worktime.

The idea of allowing employees to carry over 1.5 times of their vacation to the next year was brought up. They discussed that there should be a limit of 40 hours carried over. No vote was made, and it will be discussed at a further date. Using sick leave as a mental health day was also brought up. No decision was made but it will be discussed later.

The Burlington Jct. Rescue Squad wants to have a binder lift for their squad unit, plus an additional one for the Clearmont area. It was approved by the board to get one for each squad.


Treasurer Carrie Sparks. She noted interest rates are going up, and it would be good to place money from money market into a CD. It was approved to move $200 into a CD.

Director of Operations Bill Florea. The sales tax payment for the month was $111,235.34. The LED lighting has finally been completed, as all lights have been installed at the office. Training for ESO PM and scheduling modules are ready for set up, training starts February 17. The Senior Citizens Service Tax Fund Board granted the district $12,000 for use with the PAT van and Knights program for 2023. The garage door maintenance has been completed, and a new opener has been installed.

Business Coordinator Julie Schmitz. The accounts receivable is balanced for the month. Alice Schieffer is attending the EMS cost collection workshop in St Charles, held by American Ambulance Association. She also completed W-2, 1099 and 941 forms.

Training Manager Becky Mercer. The EMR class is in session on Tuesdays and Thursdays through March 2. The EMT-B class is meeting Mondays and Wednesdays through May 17. Kim Campbell and Mercer are working on the letter of review for the paramedic program and the website. Mercer is waiting on bureau of emergency medical services approval.

Employee Morgan Wheeler brought up some issues with uniforms worn on duty. It was stated that the blue class B uniform resembled police uniforms and that they are not comfortable. She would like to see a policy change on the uniform. The board discussed and requested that samples be presented at the next meeting on what uniforms employees would like to see.

The Medicaid and Medicare adjustments were approved at $5,208.98, and invoices to be sent out for collections were approved at $14,299.58.

The board then went into closed session to discuss personnel.

The evaluation of Lane Huitt was accepted, and the topic of hardship consideration is to follow normal policy.