It is now bordering on disaster

By Larry W. Anderson

You may recall the horrible, awful Donald J. Trump was bringing our southern border under firm control at last, but his determination dismayed liberals.

Joe Biden’s administration has eerily followed Trump’s when it comes to those hurrying over the border, but the distinction lies in the fact Biden is a liberal Democrat and largely untouchable whereas Trump is a Republican and related to Satan. Big media knows its duty: underreport, excuse and glorify all things liberal, especially those previously presented negatively. Blame Trump for everything.

Does it work? Well, all one has to do is adjust the rhetoric pertaining to the issue. For example, it is now common within big media to refer to all those entering the country via southern routes as migrants, but that is a calculated distortion designed to soften the truth and to boost ol’ Joe.

Migrants by definition are workers who enter the country legally on a work permit. They work a specific job, often seasonal, and return home when the work is done. This cycle benefits all countries involved by making good use of labor to accomplish a necessary end. This is far different than entering the country illegally.

Incredibly, this is the system we used to have before it broke down due to lazy regulation. Were there human and labor violations back in the day? Of course, there always is, but that should have been addressed vigorously by every administration long before Trump stepped in to fix what should never have been broken.

Now we have many more problems than we should, but these are political and go well beyond the sweltering mess compounding along the Rio Grande. Indeed, this is what Democratic leadership wants. Why else would this administration re-open a massive problem that was at last being handled efficiently?

Why? There are two increasingly plain reasons. You may not agree, but you should also check further into it. You might be surprised by what is really going on.

First, the American left, currently in power, wants to end the white majority in the United States which it views as the root of all evil. This is ideological and political and is accomplished in large part by allowing a steady stream of immigrants to enter under an umbrella of excuses. Breaking the law is inconsequential. The end justifies all means.

Most of the considerable population growth in this country in the last fifty years or so has come from legal and illegal immigration as compared to birth rate. There has been a definite shift in origin from largely European sources at our earliest beginnings and now. The white population is shrinking in terms of its percentage, and the left’s politicking has had a considerable role in engineering this shift. You can decide if the obvious racial component translates as a form of racism or not. I’m just pointing out something of which too many are unaware.

Second, the left longs for a system over which they have permanent control. This requires a voter base large enough to provide assurance. When that base falters as proven by Trump’s success less than five years ago, then steps must be taken to make that happen. It requires potential new voters in the form of immigrants carefully maintained and propagandized.

Oh, I know what you may be thinking–illegal immigrants can’t vote–and that’s true for now, but in the new America all things are progressive, including the process to permanent power. Those who can’t vote now will sometime in the future, and most will vote for the party that gifts the most. That’s human nature.

Already inside the gates is an underestimated 11 million persons living here illegally. Biden wants to excuse their unlawful entry and offer a path to citizenship in the name of humanity and such, but I believe this is all about votes and the consolidation of leftist power and control over the long haul. This is how the Democrats will get what they need while wrapping the whole matter in a warm blanket of liberal generosity. All paid for by the American taxpayer.

There is an excellent chance Biden will get this done soon. It doesn’t matter to the left if you or I don’t approve of the lies, manipulation and exploitation involved in the process. Democrats plan to control elections soon through sheer numbers. The window for stopping this process is closing fast.

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