In an election with some big implications, just under 19 percent of registered Nodaway County voters cast ballots on April 4.

And those who did said yes.

The Maryville Public Library tax levy increase passed with 72 percent of the vote. The Maryville capital improvement sales tax issue also passed with nearly 70 percent of the vote.

The North Nodaway bond issue for school improvements also overwhelmingly passed with 81 percent of the vote.

Several contested races were also determined across the county:

• Nodaway-Holt BOE – Jane Hanson, 138 votes, Nick Madden, 115, and Jim Fuhrman, 91, defeated Scott Clement, 82, and Jerrod Plummer, 79.

• North Nodaway BOE – Tony O’Riley, 147 votes, Samantha Brown, 120, and Jason Thompson, 106, defeated Jennifer Torres, 97, and Jason Larson, 44.

• Northeast Nodaway BOE – Jeff Redden, 134 votes, Victor West, 113, and Kenny Runde, 102, defeated Charlie Standiford, 70.

• South Nodaway BOE – Janet Hilsabeck, 102 votes, Rick Holtman, 101, and Patrick Swinford, 87, defeated Chris LaMaster, 73 votes.

• West Nodaway BOE – Bernie Farmer, 145 votes, and Troy Brady, 114, defeated Emma Barnett, 107.

• Maryville City Council – Rachael Martin, 638 votes, and Ben Lipiec, 635, defeated Michael Baumli, 441, and Kevin Hawkins Jr., 396.

Public Water Supply District – Martin From, 1,367 votes, defeated Franz Nelson, 625; and Norman Wilson, 1,132 votes, defeated Wesley Parker, 920.

All results are unofficial.

For full election results, turn to page 18 for our Election Grid detailing each precinct.