A new philanthropic organization, 102 Donations, has been formed to benefit the North Nodaway school district area being Hopkins and Pickering.

The organization currently has 28 members, both men and women, who make a minimum contribution of $25 per quarter. The group has made two presentations. Last quarter, the group gave $1,395 to the Hopkins Ball Association and on February 14 the members donated $1,415 to the Hopkins Fire Department.

The ball association will use the money to help with the renovation to the crow’s nest/cook shack at the Hopkins ball field. The fire department plans to spend the money for a thermal-imaging camera to look for hot spots and for fire hose nozzle replacements.

To join the 102 Donations, a person can attend a meeting or contact the organizer, Deena Poynter, at poynter.deena@gmail.com. The next meeting is at 6:30 pm, Monday, April 1 in the Hopkins Christian Church basement. The 102 Donations members select which group the organization will contribute to. Individual members may always give more than the $25 minimum.