At the December 2 Hopkins City Council meeting, Hopkins resident Steve Thompson addressed the council about a $408.79 water and sewer bill he paid on one of his rental properties located at 802 West Roseberry.

The tenants, who vacated the premises in September, left owing the city for the bill, along with debts to Thompson and others. Thompson was questioning why the water and sewer had not been shut off sooner and why he then owed the amounts for July and October billings, since the city theoretically shut off when the bill became overdue by two months.

All late fees have been forgiven on the amount and Chief Operator Jack Baldwin said he would review the books so he could answer the questions. Thompson has new renters for the property and has decided to leave the water and sewer billing in his name and then seek reimbursement from his renters.

A water leak at 208 North Sixth Street was also discussed. Baldwin has determined the leak is between the meter and the house so the water is not going to the sewer. The owner has asked for the waiving of the sewer charge on the leaked amount.

The council tabled the request and determined the landowner needs to repair the leak before it will consider waiving any sewer amounts. The situation has currently been on going for two months.

The council approved a preliminary 2020 budget based on the 2019 budget and actual amounts. A more detailed budget will be presented at the January 6, 2020 meeting.

The Flood Plain Ordinance approved on November 4 was amended to correct dates and approved.

In closed session, salary increases were discussed. The council approved a $3,360 per year increase for Baldwin and raised City Clerk Dee O’Riley from $16,800 to $20,160 per year, both beginning in January 2020.